Infographic Contest (Grades 6-12)

Chino Basin Water Conservation District educates our community about where our water comes from and why it is important to conserve this valuable resource.  We are always looking for creative new ways to teach our community about our water resources and need your help!  

Create and submit infographics (What's an Infographic?) to communicate where our water comes from and how to conserve. Review the challenges below. Feel free to respond to one, two, or all challenges in your submission! 

 Win between $100 to $250! See more info in our guidelines. Winning submissions will be highlighted on our website and social media!

Contest Options

OPTION 1:  Create an infographic to teach our community how the Chino Groundwater Basin (CGB) is recharged. Review the information provided in Dataset 1 and "Our Water Resources". Explore the map below. 

OPTION 2:  Why and how should we conserve water now to ensure that we can meet future needs? Create an infographic to show your water conservation recommendations for how we can adjust our water use to meet growing demands.   Review the information provided in Dataset 2 to consider the population and water use patterns over the past five years.

OPTION 3:  How does your Water Footprint compare before and after incorporating water saving strategies into your lifestyle?  Prepare an engaging infographic to illustrate and share your findings and water conservation recommendations. Use the Water Footprint Calculator ( to determine how much water you use every day.  On the results page, scroll down to see your responses and identify which of your activities use the most water.  From there, adjust some of your responses to see how reducing the amount of water used in these activities changes your overall water use. 

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Contest Guidelines and Resources

Chino Basin Groundwater Background Information

Infographic Contest Guidelines

Chino Basin Water Conservation District invites grades 6-12 and individual students within the District’s boundaries to participate in the District’s Infographic Contest.  Visit our website for the District’s Service Area map to verify your eligibility (  Any type of multimedia entry is welcomed.


  • One entry per person.
  • All artwork will be kept by the District.
  • Entries that use copyrighted artwork will be disqualified.
  • There will be a winner from each grade level for the 6-9th categories and a single winner from grades 10-12th.
  • Winners from grades 6-8 will each receive a check for $100. 
  • Teachers of these winning students will receive a $250 gift card for art and educational supplies, if the class has 10 or more entries. 
  • Winners in the 9th grade and 10-12th grade categories will receive a check for $250. 
  • Teachers of these winning students will receive a $500 gift card for art and educational supplies, if the class has 10 or more entries.
  • Winners will be published on social media platforms and on CBWCD’s website.
  • Teachers within the District’s service area that submit more than ten entries will receive a $75 gift card for art supplies.


  • If submitting work on paper, canvas size can be up to, but no larger than, 12”h x 18”w. Video submissions may be up to one minute long.
  • Include identifying information with entry or it will be disqualified. Indicate the student’s full name, grade, school, and teacher’s name.  If submitting as an individual, include parent’s name, home address, and phone number.
  • Finalists are selected based on:
    • Creativity Is the graphic engaging and interesting to the viewer?
    • Spelling and grammar Did you proof your work?
    • Data analysis – Use the attached datasets and resources to address challenge question(s). Additional research is welcomed! Did you incorporate data and research into your graphic as evidence and reasoning for your claim?
    • Science Communication Are you making a claim or drawing a conclusion from the data?
    • Use of citationsDid you cite at least two sources from your research?


  • Submit in person or by mail to 4594 San Bernardino Street, Montclair, CA 91763.
  • Submit entries to our offices no later than 4 PM on January 20, 2017.
  • If mailing, entries must be postmarked by January 13, 2017 to be considered.
  • Email video entries to our Community Programs team,( by January 20.


  • The Education Committee will select five finalists from each category by late January.  
  • On February 28th, we will host a Community Vote Event to select one winner from each category

Questions?  Contact: Community Programs Team | 909-626-2711

What is an infographic?

What is an Infographic?
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