Design to Harvest Competition

What is it?
The Design to Harvest competition is a contest for middle school students in our service area to research, design, test, and present solutions for their schoolyard that harvest and use rain or stormwater.  

How can I participate?
The 2016/2017 Design to Harvest Competition period has ended. Stay tuned for information about the 2017/2018 competition. 

How can I keep learning until then?

  • See the resources below for websites, fact sheets, lessons and more. 
  • Contact us to schedule a classroom visit or field trip to introduce the competition and these concepts with our Capture that Rain program
  • For more information, contact Program Specialist, Lindsey McConnell |  
Design to Harvest Winner Announcement


Why harvest and capture water?

 How to harvest and capture water?

How Does Chino Basin Water Conservation District harvest and capture water?

See for yourself!
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