Community Science

Community Science, also know as Citizen Science, is the public involvement in inquiry and discovery of new scientific knowledge ( We know achieving our mission of protecting groundwater for our community depends on the participation of our community. We want to partner with you to understand, monitor and protect our groundwater and our watershed. Check this page for updates on our community science initiatives. And let us know if you have ideas! 

Santa Ana Watershed Community Science Network

In partnership with regional Resource Conservation Districts and non-profits, we are mobilizing a Santa Ana Watershed Community Science Network. This Network is a collaborative, multi-jurisdictional and community-based effort to organize, train, and inspire community scientists of all ages to participate in the protection of the Santa Ana Watershed (SAW) and its ecosystems through scientific inquiry and civic engagement.  The Network fosters communication, coordination, and collaboration to encourage wider participation in citizen science and fill data gaps necessary to protect and restore the health of the Santa Ana Watershed. 

Visit the Network's Facebook page to learn more and get involved!  

Operation Healthy Air

We've teamed up with scientists at UC Riverside, the Earthwatch Institute, UCCE Master Gardeners, Incredible Edible Community Gardens, other local organizations and dozens of community volunteer scientists to better understand how our urban landscapes may impact air temperature and air quality.

Community scientist volunteers are helping by doing one, two, or all of the following:

  1. Host an air temperature sensor or ozone sensor at your home, school, or community garden
  2. Monitoring indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity at your site
  3. Recording and mapping the habitat around the sensors using the Habitat Network platform
For more details about the program including some short background videos, visit Earthwatch Institute's Urban Resiliency Program.