Water Conservation Resources

Why Conserve?
Southern California naturally has an arid climate. Imported water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Colorado River, and other sources allowed for exponential growth and prosperity; however, we are deeply aware of our water supply’s limitations as well. Drought conditions and environmental problems are reducing water deliveries to many cities, farms, and businesses.

California’s population growth is estimated to reach 60 million by 2050 and rainfall is expected to decrease. There is an immediate need for Californians to reduce their water use and the best way to do this is to conserve. The district was founded by a group of farmers who saw this need in the 1940s. We continue their legacy of conservation today.
The good news is that there is a wealth of information and resources out there to help you conserve water. The bad news is sorting through them all. Here we have compiled a collection of resources that you can print, reference, or visit at your leisure. If you find your own good resources that are too good not to share, please send them over.
Printable Materials
Water Conservation Ordinances