Continuing Education Units

Each year, QWEL graduates must complete two hours of Continuing Education Units( CEUs) to keep your QWEL certification up-to-date and to remain on the QWEL graduate list.The CEU requirement only requires two hours of your time and there are many free workshops and professional development opportunities that qualify as CEUs.

CEU Requirements:

  • Your first QWEL renewal is automatic and occurs on Dec 31st of the year in which you become certified.
  • Two hours of CEUs are required each calendar year, and are due on January 1st.
  • There will be a one month grace period given for renewals. All graduates that have not submitted their CEUs by January 31st of each calendar will become non active.
  • if you do not complete the CEU requirement, you must retake the QWEL exam to become current/active, 

What qualifies as a CEU?

  • Attend irrigation or green industry short courses or seminars. Each hour of training equals one (1) CEU. An hour of training must have a minimum of fifty (50) minutes of training time. Refreshment and meal breaks are not eligible as training time.
  • Attend irrigation or green industry trade shows, field days or meetings. One (1) CEU per event.
  • Teach or attend an in-house irrigation training course. These courses will normally be conducted by irrigation or green industry manufacturers, distributors, dealer or QWEL trained inhouse company staff. One (1) CEU per hour will be accepted for each hour of instruction. If interested in becoming a CBWCD QWEL instructor, please contact
  • Attending Business or Industry-related Courses or Seminars such as Integrated Pest Management; Pesticide Application; Bay-Friendly Landscape & Gardening; Tree Pruning; Storm Water Management; etc. One (1) CEU per hour will be accepted for each hour of instruction.
  • Conduct irrigation audit. One (1) audit for one (1) CEU per year.
  • A minimum of 50% of CEUs must relate to water-efficient concepts in the field of irrigation that promote more efficient use of water outdoors. Examples include smart scheduling technologies for irrigation systems, irrigation scheduling based on water budget techniques, drip irrigation, plant water demand, rainwater harvesting, and low impact development.

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Sources of CEU Opportunities