WaterWise Challenge

WaterWise Challenge LogoHow can we get even wiser about water in Southern California?

Clean, accessible water is critical for healthy communities and thriving ecosystems--but water waste, pollution, increasing population and climate change impact the availability of available water in our region.  

The bright side? We can all help combat these challenges by conserving water and protecting our watershed. We’re challenging 6th-12th graders to investigate and innovate ways our community can be more water wise. Competing in the Center's WaterWise Challenge is an opportunity to think through innovative solutions! 

Participate in the WaterWise Challenge by focusing your science and engineering fair project on water conservation in Southern California and win up to $200 in cash prizes!

Contest Guidelines 

Who can participate?Waterwise Challenge winners 2018

Any public, private, or homeschool student that meets the following requirements are eligible to participate.

  • In 6th-12th grade
  • Lives in CBWCD's service area
  • Completed a science or engineering project that is focused on water conservation in Southern California
  • Submits a Registration Request by Friday, March 1st
  • Is able to attend the contest in person at WCC’s Open House the evening of Tuesday, March 12th to present their work

Submit a Registration Request! 

Can I work with a team?

Yes. Students can enter with a group of up to 4 students or as individuals. All group members must live within the service area and meet the eligibility requirements above. Challenge prize amount totals for each category are the same for individuals and groups. For example, a winning individual would earn the whole prize, while a winning group of 4 would split the prize 4 ways.

What will I win?

Winners will be announced at the Open House on March 12th.  All participants will receive a certificate of participation and judges sheets with feedback on their project. Winners in each category will receive a certificaIMG_3353te and a check for $200.

Prize Categories:
6th through 8th grade
9th through 12th grade

When and how do I participate?

Submit a Registration RequestBefore March 1nd
Receive a email from us verifying  your eligibility. Eligible participants will be invited to present their project in person at the Open HouseBy March 9th
Present your project at our Open HouseMarch 12th  
Optional- Winners are invited to our Board of Directors Meeting to receive formal honorsTBD

What should my project include?

Your project should include all of the components of a successful scientific investigation or engineering project including a completed experiment or prototype and tri-fold board displaying your supporting information. 

To learn more about the criteria projects will be evaluated on, see the Judge's Rubrics: 

What do you mean by water conservation? 

We define water conservation as saving and protecting water. There are tons of ways people are already doing this in our region and around the world, but the challenge is ever increasing and changing. The WaterWise Challenge is an opportunity to get creative and improve or evaluate existing ways to conserve water or come up with new ones!

A good place to start is to consider the following questions: 

Can students really make a difference?

Yes! Check out these inspiring stories of students who came up with new ways to save big! 

Need help with your entry?

Please contact us at Education@cbwcd.org to schedule a consultation.