Field Studies

We live in the incredibly unique Santa Ana River watershed that includes mountains, hills, wetlands, creeks, rivers and beaches all within a few hours’ drive. CBWCD is excited to help youth in our community explore these special places, get to know how the watershed works and the ways that our actions impact it. During the school year, time to adventure and investigate across the watershed is limited but summer offers more time to get out, explore, and dig deeper.

Santa Ana Watershed Field Study Program

CBWCD is proud to announce we’ve received grant funding from The Community Foundation Environmental Education Collaborative Small Grants Program to pilot a Santa Ana Watershed Field Study Program. We’ll be partnering with local schools and the Inland Empire Waterkeeper to design and implement a program for high school students from two different schools to investigate their local watershed’s health through inquiry-based and citizen science field explorations. In the field investigations, students will compare biological and chemical water quality indicators of stream health in two different stream locations in the Santa Ana Watershed. At the end of the semester, the students from both classes will then come together for a Watershed Student Forum to share, compare, and discuss findings from their investigations and collaborate on strategies to better steward the watershed.