FOR 5th GRADE EARTH DAYS ON APRIL 12th, 13th & 14th, 2022!


    Over the past 27 years, the Waterwise Community Center has celebrated Earth Day with over 30,000 5th grade students. Instead of one big festival, we will provide three smaller Earth Day celebrations and bus reimbursement for 5th grade classes. Students will get the opportunity to experience different careers in water conservation first-hand. Through inquiry-driven, NGSS-aligned, hands-on programming, they will step into the shoes of water scientists, engineers, artists, and landscape professionals. 

  1. Fifth-Graders learning at our Earth Day event

How to Prepare:

Note: Our Earth Day program is only available for schools located in our service area.

Once your classes have been confirmed with a date and time, please reserve your bus. 

We offer bus reimbursement costs for up to $400 per school.

  • Each class must arrive with nametags on and sorted into six groups.
  • Prepare to Leave on Time: Being on time is critical to your class having the best visit possible. Encourage students to use the restroom before boarding the bus.
  • Buses: You can park and unload in the coned off area right in front of the Waterwise Community Center on San Bernardino St. Please see the attached map and encourage the driver to pull up as much as possible. Buses can park along San Bernardino Street during your visit or return to pick up students by departure time. The Waterwise Community Center is located at 4594 San Bernardino St., Montclair, CA 91763.
  • Check In: Please stay on the bus or hang out in the Wilderness Park until an instructor checks you in. We’ll greet your class and help you get started on your awesome Earth Day trip! Be ready to turn in your signed media release forms (noting anyone who does not have consent).
  • Visiting Stations: An instructor and volunteers will guide you through stations during the event. They will help you get to each station on time and lead the activities. They will rely on you and your chaperones’ help with managing behavior, as necessary.
  • Lunch & Disposal: Please bring class lunches in a box or bin labeled with the teacher’s name. Lunches will be held in a designated area in our lobby for safe keeping. Each classroom is responsible for collecting and sorting their waste into designated trash, recycling, and compost bags. Remember, the goal is to have the least amount of trash going to the landfill as possible!
  • Restrooms & Water Fountains:  Available onsite. Volunteers will be provided to escort students to the restrooms and water fountains as needed, but we encourage students to bring a full bottle of water and use the facilities during lunch, so they don’t miss out on the activities.
  • Ask Questions: One of the stations will be a panelist discussion with local emerging and current Conservation Professionals. Ask students to brainstorm and come prepared with questions to ask our panelists about their education, careers, and experiences. 

How to Participate:

Check back in January 2022 to register for this school year.

Spots fill up fast and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

5th grade students at our Earth Day event
5th graders at CBWCD's Earth Day event checking out our tortoise
earth day seed bombs

Visit our Field Trip Resources page for additional lesson plans and materials to prepare for Earth Day.

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