Landscape Design

You've decided to change out your thirsty turf for a more water wise landscape. Fantastic! Where do you begin?

At the Water Conservation Center we have a Landscape Design Room for your use. You can visit and browse on your own or, if you need more guidance, you can schedule an appointment for a free consultation with one of our Conservation Specialists. Our staff has broad knowledge of plants that do well in this area while using less water than the traditional turf lawn.

These resources are available during business hours with no appointment:
  • Books on plants and water wise landscaping
  • Brochures on water wise plants, as well as the Water Wise Demonstration Garden with examples of plants
  • Design program and materials for your use
  • Educational exhibit in the WCC Lobby with a section on water wise landscaping
Design room
You can also check out these landscape templates courtesy of Water Saving Garden Friendly:

Landscape Design Room Appointments

 You can fill out our online form or call 909-626-2711 to book your appointment. Note: All landscape design appointments are held at the Water Conservation Center at 4594 San Bernardino St, Montclair.

Before your appointment, here are the things to keep in mind:
  • Appointments are free.
  • Due to high demand, appointments must be made with at least two weeks notice.
  • One staff member will consult with the client.
  • 1.5 hour time limit per session. A second follow-up appointment can be made for 1 additional hour.
  • Clients are asked to bring measurements of their property noting all existing structures, sidewalks and driveways, plant materials, north-south-east-west position, etc.
  • Clients are asked to bring pictures of their property and if possible have these pictures on a flash drive.
  • Clients are asked to bring a list of ideas or pictures of plants or landscapes they like.
  • We can provide anything from a basic sketch to a simple three dimensional plan view (computer generated).
  • We can provide a list of drought tolerant plant materials.
  • We can provide some of the basic characteristics of the plants they may like.  We have a good library where the client can research on their own about plant varieties.
  • We cannot actually tell the client how many plants they would require.
  • We can inform the client of various landscape or nursery companies in the area but will not recommend any one or any company.
  • No home or on site evaluations for landscape or irrigation design. (However, you can learn more about our Landscape Evaluation/Audit Program here.)
  • No children in the design room during the consulting period.  Parents may bring their children but one parent will have to take any children into the garden or provide some other activity.
  • We do not service professional or any other type of landscape company.