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Plant variety and spacing can help prevent soil erosion and reduce fire risk. Whether you live in an urban or a wild area, a sloped landscape can deliver multiple benefits.

Did you know?
Recommendations for fire prevention vary from one place to the next. Check with your local fire district for specific advice if you live in an area prone to wildfires.

Use diverse plantings

Select a range of plant sizes. A variety of root depths retains soil better.

Plan ahead

Use waterwise plants that can handle summertime watering to reduce fire risk if you are in an area of wildfire concern.

Control erosion
In urban areas, space plants relatively close together to maximize erosion control.

Reduce fire risk

In more wild areas, space plants farther apart to reduce overall fuel load.

Favorite plants for slopes

Use a variety of plant types and sizes to create beautiful waterwise slopes.

The slope planting in our Demonstration Garden features our favorite native plants and succulent plants for sloped areas. Plan a visit to see it in person.

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