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California Government Code section 53908 requires agencies to report certain compensation information for their elected officials, officers, and employees to the State Controller. Agencies that report this information are also required to provide a link to the information on the State Controller’s website. You may view this information at the link below: Government Compensation in CA
Approved on August 9, 2021, SB272 adds a section to the California Public Records Act requiring local agencies to create a “Catalog of Enterprise Systems” with annual updates Enterprise Systems
View the Conflict of Interest Code that the Chino Basin Water Conservation District adopted in 2020.

View the Financial Reserves Policy that the Chino Basin Water Conservation District adopted in 2021.

View the adopted Gann Appropriations limit for Fiscal Year 2021-2022.

California law requires state officials to complete an ethics training course within six months of being hired or once during each two-year period.

Below is the list of all recent AB1234 (Ethics Training) Certificates for the Board of Directors.

Gulmahamad, Hanif Ethics Certificate – 6.25.23 

Aldaco, Gil Ethics Training Certificate 7.01.23 

Sonnenberg, Ryan Ethics Certificate – 7.07.23 

Parker, Kati Ethics Certificate – 12.28.22 

Ligtenberg, Mark Ethic Certificate – 6.29.23 

Layton, Teri EWthics Training Certificate 12.01.22

Please click here to view the Board of Directors Reimbursement and Compensation Policy.

In compliance with California Government Code 53891, Chino Basin Water Conservation District provides a report of all financial transactions during the preceding fiscal year to the California State Controller, and this information can be viewed on the California State Controller’s website.

California Public Records Act

The Chino Basin Water Conservation District encourages public participation in the governing process and provides reasonable accessibility to all public records except those documents exempt from disclosure by express provisions of law or considered confidential or privileged under law.

The District, in accordance with Government Code Section 7920.000 et seq., has ten (10) days to respond to any request for public documents by indicating the availability of records. Records that can be reasonably provided in electronic format are provided to the requester free of charge. Alternatively, a requestor may either view the relevant documents in the District’s office or may request hard copies after payment of duplication costs.

To submit a request, please download and complete the form found in the link below. Once completed, requests can be e-mailed, mailed, or dropped off at the District office.

Please submit your request to the Administrative Services Department:
Chino Basin Water Conservation District,
4594 San Bernardino Street
Montclair, CA 91763

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