Division 1


Kati Parker


Vice President




Director Parker is our Division 1 representative having served on the District’s Board from 1999 to 2016 for 16.5 years and elected again in 2022 for a four year term.  She is a longtime resident of Upland along with her husband, Craig, and two children.

Director Parker has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Resources Engineering with a specialty in water quality from Cal Poly Humboldt and a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering with a specialty in water resources from UCLA.  She also held a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Grade 4 Certification.  

Director Parker has almost 30 years of water experience starting as a Water Resources Engineer at Inland Empire Utilities Agency from 1993 to 2004.  Additionally, she has 22 years of experience creating water policy in this service area serving on the Chino Basin Water Conservation District, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, Chino Basin Desalter Authority and currently serving at San Antonio Water Company, Pomona Valley Protective Association, Chino Basin Watermaster, West End Consolidated Water Company and the Upland City Council Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee.

Director Parker has extensive community service experience currently serving as the President/Executive Director of Upland Heritage.  In addition, she currently manages six historic residential investment properties in Downtown Upland and a photo/video shoot and event venue located on a historic citrus grove estate.

Director Parker is passionate about creating common sense public policy that supports the reliability and protects water quality of our service area’s water supply.  Additionally, she is also passionate about preserving Upland’s historic architecture and has made many contributions to protecting both water and historic architecture in her lifetime.


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