California Native Gardens

Native plants thrive in our climate and soils. They are beautiful, require little water, and are good for the planet.
California Native Gardens
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Why Consider California Native Plants For Your Landscape?

Appropriately selected California native plants are beautiful, provide habitat for beneficial wildlife, and usually need only one deep watering every 3 to 4 weeks in established local gardens. Simply put, they provide us the most while requiring the least from us of any option for landscaping our spaces.


What are California Native Plants?

Essentially, plants native to an area have been there a very long time. They have adapted to the climate, soils, and animals in an area. When we use the terms “California native plants” and “California native gardens,” we are actually referring to plants that are both native to California and ones that are generally adapted to living in Southern California conditions (some native plants grow in streams or in rainy parts of Northern California, and we are not referring to those for our local gardens). Our Demonstration Garden and Waterwise Garden Planner website feature examples of our all favorite easy-to-grow California native plants.


The Benefits of California Native Gardens

California native gardens celebrate the unique beauty of our state. With the potential for year-round blooms, low water demand, and options for any style from natural-looking to formal, California native plants and gardens provide the most benefits while requiring the fewest resources of any of our options for southern California’s gardens and landscapes. Native gardens require no pesticides or fertilizers but are big on beauty. All landscapes require some care to stay looking their best, but most native plants need to be cleaned up a bit only once per year, and some don’t even need that. They are a joy to have at home, and they also give back to the environment by providing habitat for native birds, butterflies, and pollinators.

California Native Plant Garden Highlights

California native plants provide many choices for colorful flowers in bloom through every season of the year. Striking foliage colors from silvers and greys to deep greens and fuzzy textures that almost glow in the morning and evening light create a level of beauty that lasts even longer than the flower colors.
Most California native gardens are watered deeply only once every 3–4 weeks once established (and usually about once per week for the first year or so to get them going).. Depending on plant choices, California native gardens usually require 66% to 85% less irrigation than a well-watered lawn.
Diverse native plantings that bloom throughout the year are the best way to support native birds, butterflies, and pollinators in our landscapes.. Seeing and hearing these colorful visitors can add an additional level of beauty to your yard beyond the plants!
There’s always something new to enjoy in a California native garden. Native landscapes embrace the seasons and can always have something coming into bloom and something coming out of bloom. Different birds and butterflies will appear in native gardens at different times of year, creating dynamic spaces to enjoy with family and friends.

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